LaNei, Plantar Fasciitis

Wonderful therapists! 

My therapist exactly diagnosed my problem, gave me specific exercises and taped my foot. 

I had tried EVERYTHING.  Boots, shoes, orthotics, exercises, shots, doctors and even other physical therapists. 


But the therapist at Shelley Cooper, PT was the best and now I finally feel like I will get some relief! 

Mary, Neck Injury

My therapist Natalie Sariban's magic fingers worked wonders on my knotted neck muscles, and after much effort she was able to get my neck limber enough to restore movement.  It is quite flexible again and I am happy.

Jackie, Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

James had an overall strategy from the beginning that effectively improved each problem area.  Every session was well planned and the various services provided were professional and effective.


My satisfaction level is extremely high!

Jay, Post-Operative Hip Replacement

I began Physical Therapy after my Right Hip Replacement surgery Sept. 2016.  My physical therapy consisted of exercises that strengthened the muscles and got rid of ALL soreness. 


I felt better and stronger after each session and deep tissue massage relieved any remaining muscle soreness.  I can now resume all my normal activities without fear of discomfort.


My experience here at Shelley Cooper PT exceeded my expectations twice now, earlier Dec. 2015 following my partial Knee Replacement and then again after my Hip Replacement.   

Peggy, Post Operative Right Hip

From my initial evaluation to my date of discharge the experience I had with Roy Burton PT, DPT was positive and pleasant.  I walked in with pain and left with no pain.  I have used Shelley A. Cooper Physical Therapy several times with great success each time. The staff is professional and helpful.


James and all your staff, 


From your warm smiles of greeting to the professionalism of the staff including the gentle way you deal with the clients, have made this physical therapy experience positive and exceptional.  


I thank you for the work you do and for all of your encouragement to get me on the right path to health.  Thank you! 


James Mawhiney, PT, DPT is the consummate professional. He is the new owner and CEO of Shelley A Cooper Physical Therapy.


James holds a doctorate in physical therapy, and is entering his seventh year in the field. He and his staff offer a wide range of highly specialized services that include manual therapy, pain management, strength recovery, balance training, fall prevention and post-surgical and accident recovery.

I know James to be deeply committed to the provision of professional, respectful and compassionate patient care at the highest levels of services delivery.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend James and his team. Their encouragement, patience, skills, and, yes, friendship continue to be instrumental to my recovery. I will be forever grateful to all of them.


Dear James, 
The attentiveness, professionalism, understanding, and compassion that I received as a patient at your office has been invaluable in my recovery.  It’s been just over four months since I had back surgery and while I know I still have a long way to go, the progress that I have already made has been due largely to the effort you put in.


Your staff is superb and they are obviously a reflection of your hard work. 

We often spoke about how the improvement you see in patients is measured in micro-increments and I admire the patience it takes on your part to get even a small improvement.  I certainly appreciate everything you did for me.  


As a physician I have always told my patients that “everything depends upon the postoperative care.”  As a patient I now know that to be the absolute truth!


You have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. 


Thank you for all the months of very professional care, I am grateful.


Thank you James and crew for fixing my leg!  

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